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viola-ent by rachel viola-ent :iconrachel:rachel 0 0 dollydilemma by rachel dollydilemma :iconrachel:rachel 4 6 violet by rachel violet :iconrachel:rachel 0 0
dreaming fractals
hollowed eyes pale skin
running from the darkness within
my body lies listless
you come to me in my dreams
dancing through the clouds
with stars in your eyes
you're in another world
and i leave myself
to be with you again
you smile kindly
a smile of gratitude and friendship
not enough
you don't exist in my world
but you speak to me and you say:
you bury yourself a little further every day
you're killing yourself trying to keep me
and i'm only moving further away
i watch your dancing movements
i can remember
your palms upon my face
eyelashes flutter on my cheek
your butterfly kisses
lulling me to sleep
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enlight by rachel enlight :iconrachel:rachel 0 3 greyrae by rachel greyrae :iconrachel:rachel 0 1 voilent girl cries out by rachel voilent girl cries out :iconrachel:rachel 0 2 window pain by rachel window pain :iconrachel:rachel 0 5
fragments of the past
wish you could see me
wish you could feel me
to share what i am
what i could be
with you
would make me complete
i don't know who you are
a year gone past
the flowers of spring
bury their heads in the ground
insistent on hiding from the sun
fragments of dusted over sentiment
touching my thoughts
my lips to your face
buried head in lap
eyes hidden
outstretched in resistance, hands
connected to what would would embrace
envelop what i became
part of another soul
into myself
taken control not in part
in whole
i sacrifice myself upon you
staring as i fall
pushed down upon my knees
your empty eyes
destroy me
you smell so sweet
it makes me sick
words from you
have bound me here
in the darkness
in a broken promise
of forever
:iconrachel:rachel 0 2
soul sick
tears of blood
drip down my face
my eyes
the windows
that welcome you to my soul
you see
the words "i love you"
written on the walls in hundreds
each crossed out with an "x"
paintings on the floor
a young girl
bound by gag and blindfold
another sprawled on the cement
surrounded by blood
broken glass
and razorblades
pale skin streaked with trails
of bloody crimson
she is smiling
for the first
and last time
the third
a woman
a young man
and a baby
the baby is dead
parents hands are covered in blood
mommy's tears won't help you now
the last photo
shows an angel trapped in a cage
her wings have been clipped
and hung on the wall
:iconrachel:rachel 1 0
anxiety and the girl
staring at the wall
has became my favourite pasttime
tangled in my bedsheets
takes up the majority of my day
i don't like to drive
if i have to get out of the car
i hide from people i know
i am scared of them seeing me
i need to work more
it's not as easy as it sounds
people don't understand me
i feel so tied down
i want your love
but im not first priority
i'm tired of trying
and giving up more of me
i wish i could say all that i feel
but the words escape me.........
:iconrachel:rachel 0 0
grey rain
i still believed you
as the street lights
became scenes in stained glass
upon the concrete
torrent tears, rain and memories
form a parade along heavily
littered street gutters
a flick of ashes left for each bruise
painted on by the enemy
tattooed by the dearest friend
the truth lies in the shards of glass
you left behind the bar on seventh avenue
a trail of tears, ash and blood
burns holes in the street lamp stained glass
i still believed you
as i washed the blood stains from my sheets
i can still see an image of you
staring through the shards behind the bar
that will be swept away in the morning
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draw me away
hang me from this line im drawing
take me to that place
far away
enter to what i'm concentrating
nothing could ever take away
fail to exist as you
claiming the higher need and want
my footsteps are walking in opposite directions
i can't seem to disguise
the pain
just look in my eyes
and feel the way i feel
so cold and empty
lies in darkness
lies in vain
prick the finger
watch the hurt bleed away
:iconrachel:rachel 0 0
insanity smiles
far away
i will exist
in past dreams
that i've misplaced
long forgotten memories
left to vacancies
this emptiness
the void
which hate replenishes
more dark days
turn into nights
bitter cold
lonely soul
stitches sewn into
my lips
i watch
my eyes scream for
the last time
as they are laced shut
i can still feel
the sick, stagnant air
swells around me
scent of blood
i can feel your presence
i can still hear you laughing
chains encircle my broken wrists
dead and empty
only appear alive on the outside.
:iconrachel:rachel 0 0
plastic limbs are for mannequi
would you love me if i tore off my skin
limb to limb
bloody bone to bone
if you could never see me
would you still want to converse
if you love the way i pose
would you feel the same
when i'm fully exposed
im angry at the way
we've been taught to see
been taught to be blind
to what really counts
striking against
hypocritical thought
i hold close to my heart
my head feels as if it's
detached from my body
can't think straight
disgusted at what i've let this
world do to me
destructing something special
if special holds any meaning
contradicting is how we thrive
living lives marinated in lies
:iconrachel:rachel 0 0
covered in cobwebs
drowning in what is left behind
maybe if i'm left behind that
means i am drowning in myself
and i'm choked by the past
they say the past is on the backside of you
but i can't stop myself from turning around
and then the past is all around me
i feel like a zombie
or a marionette rather, but being pulled
by the heartstrings
not the strings attached to appendages
my bed at night may be a nice warm worn-in
and maybe i don't like it
but i've gotten used to it being this way
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United States
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Favourite genre of music: industrial/ebm/synthpop
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Favourite cartoon character: the last unicorn, aeon flux, invader zim
Personal Quote: the blue in my veins bleeds red from the pain

Devious Journal Entry

Sun Feb 1, 2004, 4:45 AM

broken halos and scars in my sky
an angel falls with each tear i cry


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